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Trailing Models

We offer several models of trailing spinner models, ranging from 1.5 to 8 tonne. All models feature all mechanical drive systems, so there are no hydraulics required.

With rear banding for spreading under the tree line, our spreaders are narrow built so they can fit between rows without compromising the feed out capabilities.

These machines include a 3-sprocket slat steel floor designed to give a constant, consistent feed out up or down hill. They also feature a worm drive gearbox and PTO driven spinners – the only option your tractor requires is a 540 speed PTO, which they all have.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so as that we can assist you in selecting the spreader most suitable for your needs.

Models TuffAss
Loading Capacity 2.5m3
Spreading Rate (Kg/Ha) up to 7,600
Spreading Width 14 – 24 m
Wheeling System Tandem
Tires Standard 7.50 x 16
Tires Optional 11L x 15
Driveline 540 rpm
Transmission Ratio 1:1.5
Wheel Gauge 1600 mm
Overall Length 3735 mm
Overall Width 1850 mm
Overall Height 1740 mm
Tractor Required (hp) 60-65
Net Weight (Kg) 1000