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Merlini SR Model

The Merlini SR model is side delivery turbine row spreader designed for vineyard, crop beds, and orchard spreading where the manure needs to be laid along a drip line, or in a narrow band such as required under trees and vines.

Available in a range of sizes from 4.5m3 to 10m3 capacity, the SR incorporates a turbine at the front which provides a constant flow out, and can easily break up, mix and spread many types of manure which other spreaders struggle with.

The delivery is completely adjustable, and can throw manure up to 7m under the tree line.

Dennis Whitney of Mountain Lodge Orchard

I have purchased a spreader from Shaun Stead of Tuffass Machinery to apply compost and green waste from the council tip. It operates very well and can apply just about any material under the drip line, but can also be used to run out materials in a compost line for later. Couldn't be happier with its operation, final product and price.


Please contact us to discuss your needs so as that we can assist you in selecting the spreader most suitable for your needs.